Diagnostika-M at INTERPOLITEX 2016

The company Diagnostika-M projecting under the trademark TSNK exhibited at the 20th Jubilee International Homeland Security Exhibition "INTERPOLITEX-2016" held from 18th till 21st, October 2016 on the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre VDNH.


INTERPOLITEX 2016 20th Anniversary Exhibition: a Landmark Event

The exhibition became one of the key events within the International Framework of Safety and Security Exhibitions held in Russia.


Elistair at Interpolitex 2016

Elistair is a French company manufacturing tethering stations for commercial drones, for surveillance and telecommunications applications, aimed at the Defense, Public Safety and National Security sectors.


Oriental Industries Co., Ltd. confirmed its’ “fourth in a row” participation in INTERPOLITEX exhibition

Founded in 1999 in Fuzhou city of China, Oriental Industries Company Limited specializes in manufacturing, exporting and trading a broad range of optical products worldwide.


The Israeli company Ex-Sight, which exhibited at Interpolitex for the first time

The 20th Jubilee trade show "INTERPOLITEX" - International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision 2016 was successfully held in Moscow.


Interpolitex-2016: Post Release

According to the participants’ and specialists’ opinion the exhibition has become the central event of the Federal significance among all advertising and exhibition events in the sphere of national security held in Russia and CIS in 2016.


20th anniversary Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2016. Second day

Alongside with the increasing visitors’ activity, the INTERPOLITEX 2016 second day of work was marked by an outstanding visit of Steven Seagal.


ArmHiTec 2016, First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies: outcomes and prospects

From 13 to 15 October, 2016First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies was held in Yerevan, Armenia.


National Security Awards Got off the Mark

National Security Awards will be held within the framework of the First International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technology ArmHiTec-2016.


‘RUSDEFENSE’Ltd. will participate in the 20th anniversary exhibition ‘INTERPOLITEX 2016’

‘RUSDEFENSE’Ltd is the official supplier of tactical gear manufactured by the key players in the Russian and international security marke

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