Executive class armored cars and mobile hospitals, prison vans and foam extinguishing vehicles, other functional vehicles for the most important services - 01, 02 and 03!

The topic of special transport is a key one for the 26th International Exhibition of State Security Equipment "Interpolitex-2022", which will be held at the Crocus Expo IEC (Moscow) from October 18 to 20, 2022.



Police transport 

* Armored vehicles for the transportation of personnel, power support and duty units, special forces units, cynological, bill collection, water jet and technical support vehicles. 

* Executive class armored vehicles. 

* Mobile police stations and laboratories. 

* Staff transport. 

* Paddy wagons.

Vehicles for medical care 

* Emergency medical vehicles. 

* Mobile medical laboratories, polyclinics and hospitals.

Emergency rescue vehicles 

* Emergency rescue vehicles. 

* Fire aviation (airplanes, helicopters). 

* Fire fighting equipment: lorry tanks and ladders, lorry pumping stations, foam and powder extinguishing vehicles, smoke removal and combined fire extinguishing vehicles. 

* Special transport for heavy going places. 

* Unmanned transport.


Within the framework of the business program, the following issues will be considered: 

* main trends and directions of development of fire-rescue technologies and equipment; 

* the potential of using robotic and autonomous transport in the field of emergency response and public safety; 

* production of special vehicles – diversification potential of defense industry enterprises.

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