"Say Future" Platform Will Connect Cities from Moscow to Vladivostok

Expert of the Security Exhibition Platform "Say Future", specialist in the field of the organization of security systems, the founder of the Rose of the Winds" Companies Group Mr. Vladimir Kashirov, initiated the public motor rally Moscow-Vladivostok-Moscow.


FAQ: How to become a visitor to the SAY FUTURE: SECURITY Forum

In order to become a visitor of the Forum it is necessary to register on the site  and, through the site, to purchase one of four packages for visitors;


Cyber Security

One of the fundamental factors for ensuring cyber security is information literacy and awareness of the need to ensure this security.


Exhibition platform SAY: FUTURE was presented in the Moscow House of Entrepreneur

Special attention should be paid to the renewal of the business program of the Interpolitex trade show under the modern international name Say Future


Collaborative Robotics

A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.


Intellectual Property

Do you know how much your brand costs? How much can you estimate the know-how of the production process or the sauce recipe? How to evaluate the prospects and costs of start-ups?



What does an ordinary person imagine when he hears the word "biometrics" or "biometric technologies"? Scanning of the retina, voice recognition, face recognition, DNA analysis, i. e. rather modern methods and technologies that are introduced relatively recently and which are developing with the help of up-to-date technologies are becoming more accessible.


Exploring Parameters of the Future

Say Future Platform - 20 directions of the social experiment


Forum of Non-state Security Field “Safe Capital”

The Forum of Non-state Security Field “Safe Capital” will take place alongside and on the same platform as the 22-nd edition of International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision “INTERPOLITEX” in a period 24-25 October, 2018 in Moscow (VDNH, Pavilion 75).


Business Partnership Is the Key to Success!

Partnership at the forum "SAY FUTURE: SECURITY" provides participants with great advertising and marketing opportunities to promote their product not just at the exhibition, but on the most modern thematic digital security platform, which has no analogues in Russia at the moment.

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