Web Portal of Electronic Editions


Exhibition Companies Group BIZON PLC. opens new project of electronic pageable editions - www.E-edition.ru as the new progressive method of placement of printed editions in the Internet network. In comparison with usual printed editions this method has a variety of the unique opportunities and great advantages, such as:

• wide reach to target audience (every day thousands of web visitors from various regions of Russia and foreign countries will see your edition);

• far lesser cost of editions while they will be reviewed by dozens of thousands specialists in the field;

• possibility of insertion of active hyperlinks and audio and/or video materials in any place of the placed information;

• user friendly format (you see on the screen usual for you book page format with the possibility to turn pages);

• possibility of fast uploading;

• protection against unauthorized dissemination;

• possibility of editing.

Герасимова.jpgIrina I. Gerasimova

Head of Advertising
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