A series of industrial catalogues is being prepared as advertising and informational publishing, issuing separate editions devoted to specific industry lines. Each edition will be distributed among ordering Russian companies (both headquarters and subsidiaries) of the corresponding industry sphere.

The earlier issue of each industrial catalogue edition is planned to be published in not less than 5000 printed copies (for sending to ordering companies of corresponding industry line). The circulation of the catalogues will continue to be printed based on the demand of ordering companies of corresponding industry sphere. Along with printed versions, electronic industrial catalogues will be displayed on "Industrial Digital Library" web-resource (

The rubrics of the catalogues are formed based on the thematic sections of the leading international industrial trade fairs.

The first issues of the series of catalogues of the Industrial Digital Library devoted to “Oil and Gas”, “Energy”, “Mining”, “Electronics and Electrical Engineering”, “Information and Communication Technologies” and Machine-Building and Metal Processing” will be directed to Russian companies (including both headquarters and subsidiaries) which purchase products manufactured by enterprises of corresponding industry lines. The catalogue Participant can also provide the list of companies for the relevant Catalogue edition distribution.







Publishing characteristics:

The dates of publications are to be determined by the editorial office, but not later than 4 months from the moment of publication announcement, the terms of delivery of ready-made editions to ordering divisions depend on the terms of delivery of postal correspondence of FSUE "Russian Post" to various regions of delivery.

Format of the catalogue edition: А4, gloss, full-colored, number of pages - not less than 200 (depending on the number of received applications for publication).

Structure: catalogue of products (technical characteristics, photography, contact information of manufacturer), alphabetical list of catalogue participants, advertising blocks of catalogue participants. The listing of products in the catalogue is carried out in the order specified by the rubricator.

The publisher of the series of industrial catalogues is Exhibition Companies Group "BIZON" - organizer and operator of international industrial exhibitions and publisher of international catalogues for the benefit of various industrial complexes since 1995.

For the 25 years of its business activity Exhibition Companies Group "BIZON" held more than 90 major international exhibition forums, published more than 150 thematic catalogues with a circulation exceeding 5,000 copies.

CJSC "ECG "BIZON" is a member of Russian Mechanical Engineering Union, Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs and a number of other industrial organizations. It obtains certificates of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI.

Since 2001 CJSC "ECG "BIZON" acts as the general operator of advertising and exhibition activities of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and recently also as the editor-in-chief of the specialized series of catalogues of defense (military) industrial complexes of CSTO member states.

CJSC "ECG "BIZON" established the News Agency "ORUZHIE ROSSII" (WEAPONS OF RUSSIA) registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation as a media (Certificate of Re-registration No. FS77-61922 (№ ФС77-61922) of May 25, 2015). News Agency "ORUZHIE ROSSII" is a multidisciplinary Internet portal with more than 43,000 subscribers. Along with information resources about the development of technologies (news, blogs, articles, videos), the portal maintains the online catalogue devoted to defense industry which includes more than 1,000 enterprises and over 2,000 products.


Contacts of editorial office: +7 (495) 937 40 81, e-mail: