Design and construction of exhibition stands – art of salesmanship


High quality exhibition stands is the guarantee of effective demonstration and sale of the displayed products. They are the convenient tool for implementation of special business principles acting in the conditions of high market competition. The one who can better show his goods, better tell about their advantages and smartly present the related information is the one who will effect the sale.

Intelligent placement of products on special exhibition stands will help to the full extent to reveal their unique, best features. We offer effective assistance in solution of this task.

Brand-name high quality exhibition stands

Exhibition Companies Group BIZON more than 20 years is on the market of services related to project, design and construction of exhibition stands. Today we can offer you a wide range of original projects:

- up-to-date modules, fitted out by special presentation equipment: seamless diode screens, LCD panels, etc;

- modules decorated by floral compositions;

- exhibition projects of any degree/level of complexity, including the ones equipped with various suspended structures of any geometry.

We offer exhibition stands of various configurations, forms and sizes: standing in-line and corner booths, “peninsula” and “island” stands. We use the best materials and various types of decorative styling. We offer both ordinary serial and exclusive construction of exhibition stands in various colors.

Please, have a look at samples of our work and call our specialists and designers. Follow your requirements we will design and construct original exhibition stand, which will be able to help you to promote your products and demonstrate their advantages.