Integrated PR-support of the Exhibition Event 


Comprehensive integral PR-support of the exhibition events is the real recipe for the success of event. Expert approach to organization of advertising campaign permits to invite the profile participants, attract profile visitors. Proper organized exhibition can become an outstanding even; lay the foundation in traditional system of organization of such kind of events.

Exhibition Companies Group BIZON provides high quality PR-support of his customers. During advertising campaigns we use various types of advertising and promotion tools. Package job permits to achieve the most efficient results.

Main directions of advertising campaign

Basic directions of PR-support are:

- creation of intensive “information field” in the work with potential partners. Skilled and experienced specialists organize meetings, negotiations with profile companies-manufacturers and invite them to participate in the planned event;

- notification of the forthcoming exhibition guests and citizens of the city. Marketing professionals use the wide range of the efficient promotion tools: advertisement billboards in subway, stickers in the public transport, placement of ads on billboards located in various public places, advertising tapes on TV and radio, etc.

- promotional items. Mugs, cups, glasses, stationery and office supplies, trinkets with с company logo images always attract attention of customers, allow to remember the company brand;

- report on the last exhibition event. The event is obligatory accompanied with photo and video filming.

In the above presented list enumerated only part of the ads events. Call our managers. They will help you to know more about details of PR-support, which we can offer you. You will be able to appreciate the professional level and effectiveness of the offered PR campaigns.

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Head of Advertising

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