Professional organization of exhibitions


It is difficult to overestimate importance of the exhibitions in the process of product promotion. Exhibitions permit to reach quick increase of the customer bases attracting the attention of potential buyers. Exhibition Companies Group BIZON offers a comprehensive suite of products and services in the field of professional organization of exhibition – both in Russia and abroad - for enterprises and companies representing various branches of industry.

Every client of our company can count on quick and high quality organization of any exhibition event on a turnkey basis. We carry out design and construction of exhibition stands, which make production of our customers more visually compelling and attractive for the vast audience. In order to support the program of promotion of Russian export specialists working in our company are ready to organize for domestic companies manufacturers any trade exhibition in the Baltics and the CIS as well as in the other foreign countries.

Due to 20 year experience of work in the sphere of organization of business events our specialists can give consultations on organization of commercially-viable exhibition or in a y other country. We also give promotion and PR support of various kind of business events.

Among the services provided by our company there also are:

· Exhibition concept development

· Design of the business event

· Lease of the exhibition hall

· Formation of the Organizing Committee

· Audience maximization e.t.c.

In case you wish to promote or push your business or to expand the geography of sales Exhibition Companies Group BIZON can help you to achieve the required goal without heavy spending. We will take charge with organization of the event will help you to hold it with the maximal economic effect for your business.