Professional organization of specialized events


Development of original projects of specialized events greatly contributes to effectivization of the exhibitions. Up-to-date demonstrational expositions are not only powerful marketing tool – they permit to achieve more significant goals. In particular, organization of such kind of events assists to significant development, promotion and practical implementation of the modern technologies in the various industries, helps to develop activities of various commercial and government structures.

Basic types of specialized events:

Using services of Exhibition Companies Group BIZON you will be able to become an active market maker for your company and your products. Taking into account our many years' experience of work we offer development and organization of the following specialized events held within the framework of the exhibitions:

- thematic conferences for participants and visitors of the exhibitions. Such meetings of experts and specialists allow exchange of opinions and increase efficiency of work;

- cultural and various entertainment programs and workshop sessions for attendees. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to get a much better chance for acquaintance with new market products and presented technologies;

- specialized forums for heads of national power agencies and commercial security companies;

- others.

Organization of such kind of specialized events within the framework of the exhibition will help to raise interest to the exhibition, assist to formation of the open, free and transparent system of choice of manufacturers and suppliers.

Call our specialists! They will help you to select exclusive programs for organization of specialized events within the framework of the exhibition. Усилить положительные впечатления гостей помогут специальные Various catalogues of the displayed production and other printed editions presented to the participants will intensify their positive experience and impressions.